Training for Serving Staff

Getting the Most From Your Staff
Your staff can be your greatest asset but without effective training, they can also represent a risk to your business. It will be your licences that are at risk if your staff serve under age, after hours or serve drunks.

As a licence holder you need to show due diligence by providing the appropriate training, but far from an exercise in box ticking, you also need to feel secure in the professionalism of your serving staff.

This is why finding the right training partner is so important in the public entertainment and service industries, and why we make it our business to deliver top quality training and support for pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and off licences.

Our approach is to provide you with training that will enable you to get the best from your serving staff and protect your licences. We can conduct courses for you, or alternatively provide you with distant learning packs incorporating all the necessary content regarding legislation, service and security to enable you to train your own teams.

Either way, once the training is complete you can rest assured that a visit from the council or police enforcement officer will simply be an opportunity to demonstrate the professionalism of your organisation.

Other Courses
Personal Licence
First Aid
Health and Safety Training
Food Hygiene CIEH level 2 award
All our trainers are fully trained and experienced and courses can be arranged at times and venues to suit you. Some are fully or partially funded and we will be able to advise you on all these aspects so do contact us to discuss your specific requirements