Premises Licence

What the law requires…
Under the Licensing Act 2003, a Premises Licence is required in any premises where ‘licensable activities’ take place. These include the sale or supply of alcohol, provision of regulated entertainment and Late Night Refreshment. A Premises Licence that includes the sale of alcohol must nominate a Designated Premises Supervisor, a Personal Licence holder who is the main point of contact for the premises.

Getting it right first time
It is as important to us as it is to you to get your licence application right first time. That’s why we take the time to really listen to you and gain a thorough understanding of your business and what you hope to achieve.

Available when you are
Unlike other companies we believe our service should be available on your terms, not ours. For large or complex cases we will come to you; we have clients countrywide. What is more, since so many of our clients operate in the Night Time Economy, we make ourselves available from 8.00am to Midnight seven days a week. So, if you receive a visit from a regulatory authority and do not know what to do, expert advice is always at hand.

Known costs
When we take on your licence application we quote a fixed price determined by the level of difficulty and the amount of work we anticipate, as well as other factors such as where the premises is located and its rateable value. Once we’ve agreed the price we stick to it, whether we work on your application for five days or 25 days, there are no nasty surprises.

We offer a Platinum Gold or Silver service, which tailors our services to your budget.

Platinum Service
This service provides you with a complete Gold service but in addition we will contact the authorities on a regular weekly basis during the consultation period of your application to ensure you are processed quickly and we will attempt to resolve any issues as they arise rather then waiting until the end of the consultation period. We will also provide you with an operations manual with appropriate policies and a Training pack for use with your staff that do not hold a Personal Licence. This is the true Premier service.

Gold Service
We will meet with you to discuss your application in detail and discuss the application with the police and licensing authorities prior to completing the forms. We will then submit the application when you are totally happy that your requirements have been met. We will provide you with the display for your premises and submit the advert to the appropriate newspaper. We submit the application to all the authorities with a covering letter.

Silver Service
We will complete the application forms for you and supply you with details of where each of the 8 application forms need to be sent.

We will provide you with the wording of the advertisement, which would be required in the newspaper and wording of the notice, which is required to be displayed outside your venue.

This service provides you with all you need to get your licence at a minimum cost.
If we can help with your Premises Licence application or your other training needs please contact us to discuss your requirements.